August 19, 2020 3 min read

Hey, hoomans! Are the hot summer days getting you down? Let me tell you, Mozart and I love to be outside, but when the temperatures are soaring, we get worn out pretty quickly. If the humidity is high, well…the situation can actually get dangerous—for us and for you!

Does that mean we can’t go outside during the summer? Of course not! There are lots of fun summer activities for dogs we can do together to help everyone beat the heat. In fact, we can think of five.

Playing in the Pool

It doesn’t matter if your pool is Olympic-sized or a little wading pool, dogs will love it. Of course, the bigger the pool, the more attentive you’ll need to be. Make sure we have something to float on and that our toys float.

Cool Off in the Creek

Don’t have a pool? That’s okay. Load us up in the car and take off for the closest natural watering hole. Creeks, shallow rivers, and lakes can be a lot of fun, too. Just watch out for potential dangers, like rushing water, poisonous plants, and deep pools that could take us by surprise.

Silly With the Sprinkler

The safest water play is the yard sprinkler. Just set it to spin or spray across the yard and watch us go wild. Of course, if you use your sprinkler to deliver any chemicals to your yard, you’ll want to clean it before we go for playtime.

Fun With Frozen Treats

The best way to cool down and one of our favorite fun summer activities for dogs is slurping on frozen treats! We love dog-safe frozen yogurt—the kind that doesn’t have added sugar or sweeteners—like this Frozen Apple Yogurt treat here. To keep us busy for a long time, consider filling a jug with unsalted chicken broth, dropping in a few extra treats, and then freezing the whole thing. Once it’s solid, cut away the jug and let us lick the block in the shade until we reach the prizes.

Party With Puzzle Feeders

Sometimes it’s just too hot outside, even when there’s a pool or sprinkler to cool us down. For indoor fun, fill puzzle feeders or snuffle mats and stimulate our brains for hours. We will definitely be happy enough inside as long as there are treats to be had!

With this list of fun summer activities activities for dogs on the hottest days of the year, you’re almost set to get through the next few months. There are just a few more things you should know about beating the heat with your best furry buds.

First, if you do plan to go for a walk, try to keep to a route that gives your pups plenty of shade and grass to walk in when the pavement or sidewalk is too hot. Mozart and I love to watch our mom and dad feel the pavement with their hands to make sure it’s safe for our paws.

Next, learn what to watch for so you can prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Excessive panting is just the first red flag. Your doggo may stop listening to commands or wander away instead of answering your call. If that happens, look for glazed eyes and lots of drool. Feel for a rapid heart rate and if it’s elevated, get them cooled down ASAP.

An overheated dog is no joke, so keep us top of mind as you head out into the heat. As long as you know what to watch for and how to avoid it, we should be able to play all summer long.

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