Our Story

We are huge, happy hounds, but we don’t always have the world at our paws. See, it’s hard for the big pups to find everything they need to stay happy and healthy. Many of the huge pups out there don’t find happy families like ours, and part of the reason is because they are so big. Huge hounds need huge products, like rain coats and collars and dog beds.

We know we’re lucky to have found our humans. You see, Mozart and I are both rescue dogs. This means that we were chosen as puppies, in spite of our health issues, by the humans we so adore today.

Our humans went out of their way, in more ways than one, to give us the life they thought we deserved. They even drove all the way to Kansas to pick up Mozart. Now, that’s what I call true PUPPY love!

Over time, and with the help of skilled veterinarians and the love and support of each other and our humans, we grew to become the awesome huge hounds we are today on a mission to save other huge hounds!


Not all dogs get the chances we got, and that’s why we all teamed up to create HugeHounds.com. This is your one-stop-shop for all things big dogs!

As big boys, we aware that there are so many other huge hounds that need love too. Just because we’re big and scary looking doesn’t mean we should be feared. We promise, we’re actually just as loving and playful as other dogs and gentle as well. We all love to run and play as much as the littles and enjoy all the toys, treats, and pet accessories that little dogs got to have. That’s why we wanted to share that joy with the other huge hounds in the world and at the same time give back. A portion of each and every sale of our HugeHounds products goes to saving and caring for a big dog. Every Big Dogs deserves a chance.

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