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We’re George and Mozart, two courageous and pawsome huge hounds who didn’t have the best start in life. We’re here to give other big dogs the chance to find joy after being rescued by their humans!

Our Story

We know all about being big doggies—and it’s not always easy. It’s not just a struggle with finding dog doors big enough for us, either.

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Find everything you need to make life fun and fulfilling for your big (and big-hearted) pup, starting with clothing to help them get out and about!

Hi! My name’s George, and I’m an awesome huge hound. My best friend in the whole world is another big pup. He’s a St. Bernard, too. Mozart thinks he’s bigger than me, because he’s also part Mastiff, but only our mommy knows for sure. I just know I can take him down when we’re playing!

Being a big dog is the very best, but we run into some challenges, too. Like, some of the clothes that fit teensy pups won’t fit over our heads. That’s a problem when it’s time to go outside for a walk. If it’s cold or raining, we have no protection from the weather. Even worse, we come back inside smelling like wet dog, and mom hates that! We bet your mom does, too.

Also, being categorized as a plus-sized dog doesn’t help my situation. Finding plus-size pup clothing isn’t the only challenge huge hound owners face. What about big collars, and big dog beds, and big doggie doors? Don’t even get me started… Huge hounds also have some special dietary needs that we can’t just get anywhere. Someone needs to think of us big guys all the time! That’s why my brother and I are working with mom hard to develop products especially for big, fluffy, loveable, and simply adorable pups like us.

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