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3 Tips On Finding The Best Fit Halloween Costume For Your BIG Dog


Halloween is a time of celebration and fun... and dressing us pups up makes it even more fun. As you probably already know being a large breed dog mom or dad, finding Halloween costumes that fit us big guys are non-existing.  We love that you want us part of the celebration and we have fun dressing up in the fluffy costumes, funky wigs and pumpkin-shaped ears but most of the time, the costumes feel tight and make us feel a little uncomfortable. 

George and I have been thinking...  we wanted to share with you BIG dog families, 3 costume tip ideas that make wearing Halloween costumes more comfortable and super stylish. Here are 3 tips on finding the BEST FIT Halloween costume for your BIG dog.

Tip 1: DIY Costume: Make Your Dog a Stress-free Costume:  Our mom does it almost every year.  We love it!

Let's face it... Most dogs, like us, don't enjoy wearing costumes. We might tolerate it for you, our hoomans, but typically we not big fans. So, what's our hoomans to do when their pup doesn't want to wear a costume? The answer is simple!  Make a stress-free costume that is custom to their size.  As you know most of us Huge Hounds over 100lbs not only have a hard time finding a costume that fits but finding one that is stress free to put on and off is another story.  As I mentioned, my mom over the years has been making Halloween costumes for me and George and this year she is at it again.

Spoiler alert... We are dressing up as Mustard and Ketchup. 

Halloween Costume Large Dog

Having a custom fit costume is way more comfortable and ensures it is a perfect fit, making walking, sitting, and lying down a breeze. So, pups who are reading this... chat with your hooman and suggest a custom DIY costume this Halloween. 

Tip 2: The Right Fabric and Pattern Does Matter

The right fabrics and patterns are important. You want to be sure that the costume will allow your pup to move freely, stand up to the various activities, including potty breaks. Will your pup be out walking the streets with the kids on Halloween? Then consider a material that is stretchy and a pattern that makes it easy to walk in, lie down, and one that doesn’t cover our feet, eyes and privates.  Keep in mind...  Some materials trap heat and may cause your pup to overheat.  So be sure to never leave your dog unattended with their costume on.  

Tip 3: Keep it simple - Easy on and Off is a MUST!

Stress-Free costumes and comfort are the number one goal!  With that being said, a costume that is easy to get on and off will do the trick.  Things to avoid when making or choosing a costume for your Huge Hound.

  1. Avoid costumes that must go over our their head to put on.
  2. Avoid costumes that you must put their legs, paws and tails through or in.
  3. Avoid costumes that cover their private parts, are too long and cover our tail.
  4. Avoid costumes that sit on our head and may cover our eyes.


Hard to pick the right costume theme?  Consider a pre-made costume, (the largest size possible) and use that as the base or starting point.  Add extra fabric and attachments to make it a hybrid DIY costume.  Mom did that for George.  She bought him a tuxedo bib and added extra fabric and Velcro to extend the fit around the neck.  She took a pre-made costume and added her DIY touch to it.  

We know many of our readers have giant dogs like us that like to have fun on Halloween and dress for the holiday. That is why we wanted to share with you some of our own tips and tricks for Halloween costumes this season.  With the tips we shared above, here are some cute, safe, easy to wear Halloween costumes ideas for your HUGE, Large, Giant Breed Dog. These suggestions are easy to make or buy as a starting base that you can customize to fit.

  1. Tuxedo Bib. - George wore this a few years ago for Halloween.  Easy to wear and goes on like a bib.
  2. Bat wings - Mozart wore this last Halloween.  Velcro’s around his belly and stays secure wile sitting, walking and lying down
  3. Ketchup and Mustard - Our costumes this year.  Easy to wear as secures under belly with Velcro.  No over the head, loose material hanging around. 

Large Dog Halloween

Halloween is around the corner, and we too want to celebrate the fun.

True facts: There are no costumes big enough for us. But that doesn't have to be the case. With a little creativity and a whole lot of material, your large dogs perfect fit costume for Halloween is in sight.

We are big, but that has never stopped us before. So, be creative and remember to customize the fit.  Please share your Halloween costumes with us.  Don't forget to tag us #Hugehounds

Happy Halloween.

Lots of Hugs


George Gwartzman
George Gwartzman

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