March 06, 2021 3 min read


Hello Hoomans!

After coming home from a stroll around the block, George says to me “Mozart, we know our people love us, but how can they know we love them back without hooman words?”

We know you love us because you give us pets, and all those yummy treats, and of course, because you take us on nice walks, rain or shine. I told George it was pretty obvious that we love you guys, too, but just in case you’re not sure, we wanted to give you a handy guide.

There are the well-known ways we show love to all hoomans, like wagging our tails and sniffing you, but take it straight from the doggo’s mouth: there's a lot more we do to spread our affections to our most favorite peeps.

Here are a few...

Following You to the Bathroom

Okay, okay, you’ve told us a million times you want privacy—whatever that is—but we just want to make sure you’re safe and protected. This is especially true for dogs that are bred for the task of protection. Just like you watch our back when we do the doo, we show you how important you are by guarding you at your most vulnerable.

Licking Your Face and Hands                 

george kiss

Sometimes we get the feeling that hoomans don’t know how important our tongue baths are. I think you guys call it “kisses,” but actually, licking your face and hands is an important grooming instinct for us. Our moms kept us clean and smelling like her with tongue baths, and we want to do the same for the hoomans we love the most. 

 Bringing You Toys   

Mozart baby


The other day, we saw our mom and dad eating something yummy and sharing it with each other. When we bring you our toys, it’s kind of the same thing. Sometimes we even find really cool stuff outside and just know it’s the perfect gift for you. George and I make sure to add extra drool to our gifts so you know how special they are. 

Coming to You When We Are Scared    

george hiding

George sometimes gets scared when it rains. When he gets nervous, he goes straight to mom or dad because he knows they will protect her. Taking walks when the weather wasn’t nice used to be impossible, but a lot of hard work and one RainRover later, he gets all the exercise he needs. 

Shhh...  He still hides under dad's desk when it thunders though. Don’t tell him I told you.

 Rolling Over 

george tickle

I don’t know about you guys but my belly is pretty sensitive. I love to have it tickled, but the wrong person could definitely hurt me if I let them get too close to such a vulnerable spot. When we roll over and ask for pets, it's a sure-fire sign that trust and love you.

Crawling Around Your Babies       

mozart with baby

Some little pups may feel threatened by babies, but not us Huge Hounds. Most bigger doggos were bred to work and protect families. We can be fierce and focused when out in the field herding cattle, or courageous and cunning when helping you hunt. But above all else, we value you and littles of all sizes, the are our siblings. So, when baby needs us, we are there.

We appreciate all you do for us!  Please know we love you to the moon and back. All us pups have our own way of showing you how much! Take note of our special way and acknowledge it so we can give you more!

I have to run. Our hoomans are treating us to a winter-time walk in our new Puttee Tights! We hope you learned something new about our canine love language (and start leaving the bathroom door open for us!).



Expect big things!


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