Puttee Tights

Protection and Style Made BIG!

The first ever leg protection tight made with the BIG dog in mind.

*Helps protects legs from irritants

*Protects surgical leg bandage from dirt and dog removing bandage after surgery

*Helps reduces licking legs due to associated with allergies or nervousness

*Helps protect legs from possible cramping due to cold weather

*Adds a splash of style to the BIG dog fashion

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Helped protect my dogs leg from infection

I can not say enough about this product. It looks like a leg warmer but made to protect. My dog was running in the garden and cut his leg. He needed stitches and is now wearing a bandage. He constantly chews and licks the bandage. I bought the Puttee tights to protect his leg and to prevent him from removing the bandage and irritating his leg. It works perfectly. The second he has them on he stops licking. They are easy to put on and so soft. I do want to mention that they are a little large. When he is walking around for a long time the do slide down his leg a bit. But I roll them up so that they stay up better. As suggested they are used to protect the legs and irritated areas and not meant for running around in them. I have washed them and they wash well. However, do not put them in the dryer. They will create loose strings. Either hand wash or machine wash on gentle and hang to dry. They are so soft.

Puttee tights saved the day!

I have to say I searched high and low for leg coverings for my dog. My dog constantly licks his legs. Although my dog is on the smaller side and not a full HUGE hound (big lab)I thought I would at least give it a try and see if they fit. They were a little big but if you fold over the fabric it fit perfectly. They wash well and my dog does not mind wearing them at all. His licking has stopped when wearing the Puttee tights (cute name). Thanks

Best protection made for Big Dogs

My dog just had ACL surgery and the stitches and itchiness seems to be all down his leg. I use the Puttee Tights to prevent him from licking and bitting the stitched area. Works so well. It is so soft, easy to clean (I wash in front load wash machine and hang dry). My dog doesn't seem to mind them and it does not interfere with walking. Great product. I highly recommend. And they are cute too. Many people comment on them.

Fashion comes in all sizes

LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. Firstly what a fashion statement! I love the look and feel of these leg warmers but they are more than jsut that. My dog licks his legs until they bleed. I put the Puttee tights on him and he stops licking giving his legs enough time to heal. We get a ton of compliments. I highly receommend them to protect your dogs legs or as a fashion statement.

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