November 30, 2020 2 min read

 Mozart the Genius here! I’m about to drop some science on you hoomans so get ready for it. Let’s talk drool. As you may have noticed, big dogs like me are often found drooling thanks to the kissable extra skin around our muzzle. Because of this feature on big dogs like Newfoundland, Mastiffs, and of course Saint Bernard’s, we tend to be a little more drooly than some of the smaller pups.

But have no fear! It’s totally normal.

Movies and TV make our drool look out of control, but that’s not entirely true! Well, unless it’s extra hot outside…or there’s a tasty treat nearby…or we just took an extra-long drink of water from our water bowl. Okay, so sometimes slobber is a problem. The good news is that drool doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker anymore when it comes to keeping us inside and keeping your house clean.

Drool Cleanup for the Future

Gone are the days of using a hand towel from the kitchen or the bathroom to wipe our sweet faces only to leave it sitting for someone to come along to wipe their face with it. No more wasting paper towels only for them to just disintegrate into our fur. There’s something out there now that was made just for us: The DroolRag.

The DroolRag comes from the same brains that brought us those awesome RainRover raincoats that keep us dry—and those brains belong to… me and George! They come in two stylish colors, either gray or blue, and will coordinate with everyone and everything. Hoomans can attach it to their pants or bag for walks or leave it by the door for a quick and easy cleanup every time we come home.

Made with Love

It takes a lot of love to understand that the drool we create is not only natural but also normal. That love was put into making the DroolRag to keep our big faces and their houses clean. The super soft and absorbent material attracts drool. The drool catching pockets for hooman hands keep their hands dry and clean while we just feel like we’re getting extra face rubs for being good boys.

We’ll be spending a lot of time inside together now that the temperatures are dropping, so it will be nice for our hooman to be able to just toss the DroolRag into the washing machine for super easy cleanup.

No matter how huge your huge hound is, the DroolRag is perfectly capable of handling the cleanup like a pro. Instead of spending your Christmas party apologizing to guests for the random spots of drool we left, they’ll be talking about what good boys we are thanks to the DroolRag.

Hey! Come over to our private Facebook group and share some photos of your drooly pups. We like to know we’re not alone—reminds us that we’re totally normal in our slobbery glory!

Expect big things!

George Gwartzman
George Gwartzman

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