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The Top 10: 2020 Holiday Dog Gift Guide

dog gift guide

Hey hoomans! It’s George, and as you might have guessed, I’m so excited! I know, it seems like Mozart and I are always excited lately, but that’s what the holiday season does for so many—huge hounds and people, alike. Starting around the first of October, we just start wagging our tails and wiggling our hind ends over just about everything. Sure, we’re excited about the treats that are coming our way, but we can also sense that happy energy from our hoomans.

We also know by now that some gifts are coming our way! Now, we’re always up for just about anything, especially if there’s food involved, but Mozart and I know we have to be pragmatic sometimes, too. So, we put together this Top 10 dog gift guide to help you pick out the perfect presents for your pups, and it’s got a very healthy mix of the edible and the logical. (If you stick with only the edible, we definitely won’t be upset.) We have listed each gift and ranked them based on comments and recommendations from fellow pups.  Enjoy!

Number 10:  A Pet Plushie

plushie toy

  Okay, this one might sound like something for the dog owner and not the dog again, but hear me out. A lookalike pet plushie! Send in a photo of your favorite Huge Hound and you’ll get a plush toy that looks just like us.

 And how is that for the dogs, you ask? We want to know you’re happy and snuggled all the time, even if we can’t be there. A plush version of us makes us happy because it makes our hoomans happy!


Number 9: Kong Chew Toy  

Big dogs tend to be big chewers.  You probably want to get us something we won’t immediately destroy—you know, so you can get your money’s worth out of it.

 The Kong is perfect for several reasons: It comes in many sizes, it’s durable, and you can fill it with peanut butter or other treats to keep us busy for hours!



Number 8: Puttee Tights: 

We can always use a little more protection, especially those of us big dogs that live in colder areas. That’s why our mom and dad came up with puttee tights just for us! Well, and for any other dogs that need them. Interested in learning more about our puttee tights? Click here and we will send you info…

 They’re great for protecting us from cold, wet weather and from irritants that sometimes cause us to like our legs. Best of all? They’re a really cool fashion statement!

 leg warmerleg warmers







Number 7: Healthy Snacks 


  Look, we like snacks of any kind, but as our hooman who loves us, you probably want to make sure we’re eating healthy foods. This homemade dog snack is packed with nutrition and great taste, along with pumpkin, applesauce, honey, and whole grains. As a bonus, you can cut them into little Christmas trees or dreidels to help us get in the holiday spirit.




Number 6: Extra Large Travel Water Bowl made for BIG dogs 

travel dog bowl

One of the hardest things about taking your Huge Hounds with you everywhere you go is that we sometimes need a little sip of water. You could either scramble for a cup or something to put it in, or…you could get this doggie travel water bowl made especially for the heftier pups with bigger jowls! It holds 3.5 cups of water, flattens into a disc for easy carrying, and can attach to your hiking gear with a carabiner.


Huh, that sounds like another gift that’s just as good for dog owners as it is for the dogs…



 Number 5: Dog Sofa

dog bed

This isn’t the same as a dog bed—this is a place for us to curl up and hang out even when it’s not our bedtime. We especially need something just like this if we’re not allowed on the hooman sofa with you.

 Take a look at the big dog sofas available, too! They’re perfect for even the hugest of hounds.



Number 4: Big Dog Harness 

dog harness

   Not all dog harnesses are created equally. Some just don’t work as well for the Huge Hounds because we’re too strong for them. They end up hurting us and our hoomans. That’s why we’re so excited about these harnesses made especially for big dogs. No choking, no pulling, and more control for our hoomans, as well as reflective material to make sure we’re as safe as possible when we’re out for our walks. 



Number 3: The DroolRag

drool rag

 As we’ve pointed out before, being a Huge Hound sometimes means extra drool. It’s just part of who we are. To help us help you, this DroolRag is the perfect present, because it’s soft and cuddly, but also it’s great at getting all that extra drool off our faces so it doesn’t end up on your pants or the couch.

 Come to think of it, these are good for the dog owners in your life, as well as their dogs!



Number 2: No-Stink Dog Collars



Mozart and I know that, even with our RainRover raincoats on, our collars will get wet and muddy during outdoor romps. This can lead to smelly, dirty, germ-infested collars very quickly, unless you buy us a waterproof dog collar.

Waterproof doesn’t have to mean ugly, either. Check these out and see what we mean.


Number 1:The RainRover Raincoat 

large dog raincoat

No matter what time of year, Mozart and I want to go outside and play. Rain, snow, or shine—we’re ready to go! We’ll also shake that rain and snow off all over your floors and furniture when we get back inside, so I guess this gift is as much for you as it is for us.

With this plus-sized raincoat, even the “plus-est” of pups can go outside in inclement weather and play to our hearts’ content without putting your clothes and couches at risk.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are about the holidays!

Expect big things!




George Gwartzman
George Gwartzman

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