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Ambassador Large Dog


HH Ambassador - Luna

"My name is Luna, I am a two year old Bernese Mountain Dog living in Northern Virginia with my mom and dad. I was named after Luna Lovegood because mom and dad are Potterheads and because I was born in the year of the dog. Mom says it doesn’t seem like I’m small when I hog the bed at night but I don’t know what she’s talking about. I love swimming, hiking, playing ball, chasing chipmunks, digging in the sand, traveling and visiting new places, and not napping. Apparently I didn’t get the lazy gene...? Mom says all this activity is what allows me to eat so much so I’m okay with it. I am so happy to be a brand ambassador for Huge Hounds (even though I am probably the smallest big hound at 75 pounds 😉)."


Jed HugeHounds Ambassador              

Hi I am Jed.  “Mom says I can Rove In The Rain all I want now because no more Huge wet doggie to dry! The neighbors love my coat. It makes them smile. I’m so handsome too! I luv Huge Hounds. You will too.”


   HH ambassador Dollie


"Hey y’all! My name is Dollie! I’m a 3 and a half year old Bernese Mountain dog! I was born in the mountains of North Carolina. Then one day my mommy drove in a snow storm and took me all the way to my new house in charlotte. I lived there for a while and then this summer she bought something called a fixer upper out in the country of South Carolina. I’m not sure what that means but all I know is there is tons of space for me too poop and pee everywhere whenever I want! My favorite hobby is making sure 100% of the attention is on me all the time so I growl if anyone pets my step brother Sully and get mad if daddy hugs or kisses mommy. It’s Dollies world and you’re all just living in it. Some of my other hobbies include begging for whatever mommy is eating, sitting on top of people when they come to my house, being afraid of my 10 new chicken sisters, and stealing daddy’s sweaty gym clothes. Thanks for making me part of your program, but then again why wouldn’t you? Just look at me!"




HH ambassador Curtis Joseph

"Hi.  I am Curtis Joseph.  I am a huge hound weighing in at 153lbs.  I am a Great Dane and 9 years old.  I am terrified of the rain.  That is why I love Hugehounds.  With the Hugehounds raincoat I never get wet and  now I love to play in the rain. I am so proud to be a Hugehounds ambassador.  I get it. We are all big and there is nothing out there that supports us big guys until now."



HH Ambassador Lars

" Hi I am Lars, a Bernese Mountain Dog well on my way to becoming one Huge Hound. I am an enormous ball of fluff and has yet to grow into his equally enormous paws. My half blue eye and dashingly good looks get me compliments on every walk. I bring joy to anyone I see and can make even the toughest of faces crack a smile.  I am still learning my size as I grow into my big boy size and might greet you with a berner lean that knocks you off your feet but give you a snuggle that makes you glad to be on the floor. I love snoozing on the couch or in front of any air conditioning vent. 


HH Ambassador CAli

"My name is Cali. I have been blessed. I was all alone, walking the streets of Los Angeles on a very hot 🥵 August morning. I must have been walking for weeks all by myself. I walked in front of a car that stopped before hitting me, thank goodness. A wonderful man ran from his car and took me safely to the sidewalk, found me water and put me in his car. I smiled at him because I was so happy to be cared for, finally. He took me to the local animal shelter, visited me every day for 5 days. I didn’t have a collar or chip. No one claimed me so he adopted me along with his wife. I have been living in the best home with the best people and boy Labrador for two years now. I LOVE to snuggle and stay close to everyone I meet. I sleep on the couch and bed with my family each day. I have a great yard to “zoom” around in with my boyfriend ❤️ I am blessed and happy! I hear my human family say that I have brought joy to their family 🤗 I love them and they love me."


 HH ambassador Apollo

"My name is Apollo.  I am 4 months old and the sweetest little boy. I enjoy going on walks with my hooman as long as it isn’t hot." 


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