October 29, 2020 3 min read

Hey hoomans! It’s Mozart here, and I’m so, so excited about Halloween. George and I love to see all the tiny hoomans dressed up as Elsa from Frozen and all the little Spider Man costumes. The only ones we aren’t crazy about are the cats, because...well, you know.

Every holiday brings excitement, fun, and potential danger for your dogs, and I’m not even talking about the cats right now. I’m talking about all that candy that comes into the house this time of year. Sugar is never good for us pups, but when we start chocolate, that’s where the real danger starts. When your kids bring those Jack O’Lantern buckets in and start dumping the candy on the floor to pick out their favorites, make sure your pups are securely locked away to avoid any accidental thievery.

But we’re just so excited about the holiday! We can feel the hum in the air, and we get worked up by the squeals of joy and the ring of the doorbell every time a new little character comes by. So, what treats can you give us so we can feel included? We love the spooky treats!  Let’s take a look.


Now pumpkin isn't exactly spooky, well maybe to some of us it is. George doesn't  like Pumpkins! However, pumpkin itself is good for dogs to eat. Pumpkin is low in calories and high in fiber, and it’s got the good carbohydrates that give us energy. Plus, there are a lot of vitamins and minerals, like carotenoids, vitamin E, iron, and potassium. That's all good stuff for our skin, eyes, and muscles.

We can eat almost any kind, whether it’s canned, cooked, or pureed. You can steam it or roast it, and we can also eat it raw—at least in small amounts. However you prepare it, just make sure you give us only the plain pumpkin. Pumpkin pie mix is bad for us, what with the spices and sugar. Some mixes also contain xylitol, which can be toxic for dogs.

Keep in mind that too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. Pumpkin should be balanced with other ingredients. Too much can cause digestive distress from all the fiber. Also, all that vitamin A can become a bad thing if we get too much of it.

Peanut Butter

While the kids are chowing down on their Reese’s Cups, consider giving your huge hounds peanut butter treats of their own. Natural peanut butter is a great source of protein, vitamin B, and vitamin E. You just have to make sure it is fully natural before you add it to any treats or stuff our toys with it.

Some peanut butter can contain salt or sweeteners that aren’t great for us. Lately, some manufacturers have been adding xylitol instead of sugar, which, as we discussed earlier, is toxic. Be sure you check all the ingredients.

When you’re sure you have the good stuff, you can give us a little bit just as it is, or you can use it to make some crunchy, delicious treats. A little flour, egg, and honey mixed together make these doggie macarons that any pup would howl over.

Frozen Fruit

Kids can’t resist treating their pups, especially when we give them “the eyes.” You know what I’m talking about. One sad glance and our little hoomans start handing over the M&Ms. The problem is, as you know, M&Ms aren’t good for us at all. They’re chocolate! Chocolate is bad, bad for dogs.

Instead of those little, crunchy candy pieces, have some frozen blueberries on hand for the kiddos to give us. We probably like them better than chocolate anyway, and it’s so much safer for us. Blueberries have all kinds of good stuff in them, like antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber, so they’ll keep us healthy.

You can also mix those frozen berries with some dog-safe yogurt or even some bananas for a real treat.

Now that you have the treats worked out, it’s time to plan your pup’s costume!

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Have a spooky, safe Halloween, and Expect Big Things!



George Gwartzman
George Gwartzman

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