Meet Us

With a name like Mozart, you’d think I was in the business of making beautiful music. Well, if snuffles and heavy breathing is music to your ears, then a music maker I will always be! I’m a huge beautiful mix of St. Bernard, Mastiff, and slobber, weighing in at a svelte 142 pounds, and all I want do is love you!

My life of love didn’t start at birth. I had a hard go of it, being born with hip dysplasia and needing a lot of loving, yet expensive, care. Did you know that’s something a lot of big dogs deal with? But my parents drove all the way to Kansas with the hopes of meeting me and bringing me into their family. They promised to love me and take care of me and they’ve always kept that promise!

Now, I live happily with my human parents, my brother from another mother, George, a little sister Lola, and my most precious human sister and brother. We may not be siblings by birth, but we are by something even stronger—family love.

Wow, that was deep, and now I am starving. I have to go beg mom for food now, so here’s George. You’ll love him because he’s a big boy just like me. And he is so smart…


I’m George, a 10-year-old St. Bernard weighing in at a hefty (and healthy) 158 pounds, and I’m proud to be a big boy! No judging, please…

I may be huge, but just like Mozart, my start in life wasn’t so grand. I was a parvo puppy that got left behind. That “P” word… Parvo. Most pups don’t make it when they get the P word, but my daddy found me, took me to mommy and they took great care of me. After months of treatment, crazy bills, and lots of positive thinking, I not only survived, I grew bigger and better than ever. I am proud to be called a plus-sized pup!

My parents and I fought long and hard for Mozart and me to be here today and we’re lucky to have them. We are loved so much and are so fortunate.  We know many others don’t have that same opportunity for a second chances like we did.  And we want other Big Dogs to be able to have the same kind of loving home and lives that we do. That’s why we came together to create We know that all big pups need love and support, so our company makes sure to donate a portion of every sale to helping other Huge Hounds just like Mozart and me!


Our mission is to save as many Huge Hounds as possible. A portion of the sales go to saving a Big Dog and we thank you in advance for supporting us.

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