Hello, hoomans. Mozart here with some very important information for you. Your pups see you putting up the Christmas tree, or setting out the kinara or the Menorah. They know something exciting is coming! When you hang their stockings by the fireplace, your huge hounds will watch every day to see what you fill them with. A bone? A new squeaky toy? Maybe something amazing we haven’t even thought about yet!

You might not have any ideas for something amazing, and that’s okay. That’s what I’m here for: to let you know what gifts your big doggo wants this holiday season.

All the Chew Toys!

Toys for huge hounds can be tough, because we have a tendency to chew right through them on the first day. We can’t help it. We’re just so excited! Fortunately, there are companies that make toys for super chewers. These are more likely to last longer, which means we’ll get joy for days, weeks, or maybe even months after we dig into our presents on the big day.

Check out anything from Nylabone, Kong, Tuffy, and West Paw. Nylabone makes an adorable T-Rex that’s specifically designed for super chewers. It also cleans our teeth, but we don’t care about that. We just want to play! Kong has several different options, too. Most involve peanut butter or other treats, making it double the fun for us. Just be sure to check the size on any of the indestructible toys you get us to make sure they’re not too small for our size. Our favorite is Himalayan dog bone.  They are so delicious.

Comforting Plushies

Sometimes we need a friend to confide in. No, I’m not talking about George. He’s a tattletale. I have someone who won’t tell my secrets to a soul: my baby. A plush, comforting friend, like the ones Kong makes—good sturdy plushies that we can’t tear up. PetSafe makes some great plush friends for dogs, and so does GoDog. You may need to look around at several different brands to find the right BFF for your huge hound. Don’t worry; your trouble will be rewarded with immense gratitude and lots of sloppy kisses.

Special Treats

What’s one thing you like most about the holiday season? If you said “the food,” then we’re thinking on the same level here. You get treats during the holidays that you might not eat any other time of year.

You can treat your dog during this time, too! Get your big boy or girl something super special for that stocking. A dog bakery is the PERFECT solution for this. You can get special holiday-themed cookies, biscuits, crackers, and even cakes! If you find a really good dog bakery, they’ll be sure to work with you to avoid anything your special pup can’t eat, such as gluten-free or grain-free items.

Plus-Sized Pup Clothes

Winter brings a lot of messy weather. Big dogs know just how to make a small mess even bigger after splashing through puddles and rolling in big snow drifts. Smaller dogs don’t usually make the same mess; they have jackets and sweaters they can wear to keep them clean and dry. What do big puppers have?

The Rain Rover! That’s what they have. And your giant doggo will love all the extra time he gets to spend outside during rainy or snowy days as he stays dry and warm under the extra-large raincoat. It even has a hood to keep our ears protected from the cold.

The Gift That Keeps Giving…

There are dozens of subscription services that will help you spoil your pup all year long. The most well known is, of course, BarkBox, but you can also get subscriptions from Chewy, BULLYMAKE, Dapper Dog, Pooch Perks, and more. Take a look at all of them to see which ones cater to your type of dog. Imagine our joy when we get to experience the holidays over and over again, every month, when our box of new toys, treats, and clothes arrives.

Black Friday is just around the corner, and now you have all the info you need to shop for your special huge hounds—and save money while you’re doing it! If you want to get more tips for awesome holiday gifts for your pets, join our private Facebook group, I Love MY Huge Hound. We’re there all the time with advice you never knew you needed.

Expect big things!



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